Let It Flow - Fragments

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LET IT FLOW – Fragments EP

Dear fans and friends,

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We have been rather quiet for a while until the recent release of our latest album, ‘Fragments’. We would like to mention briefly about what was happening before the release, what this album is about, and what will happen in the future.

Fragments consist of three songs we wrote after early 2000’s. The songs were slready recorded in 2012, and they were supposed to be released as an EP back then, as a prequel for an upcoming full-length album. Let’s take a step back and see how the scene looked like before that.

After ‘Meanings,’ our second album, there had been the departure of two dear band members and a break up with Hammer Music, our label back then, which in result had severely hindered the band’s momentum. However, the band continued with a reformed line-up, playing gigs and writing new material.

In 2012, finally a new EP was recorded. Unfortunately, in the mean time, some personal (mostly work related) problems occurred in band members’ life, and everyone ended up moving to different locations (even to different countries). Inevitably, the release of the EP was postponed. In the meantime, a remix of ‘Migraine’ was released as a single album.

The never-released ‘Fragments’ has been hunting our hearts and souls for three long years. After a meticulous session of remixing&remastering by the band itself, finally it is out there! It is a fraction from three years back, a stamp of what has been important to us during a certain period. It is a true ‘release’, a pleasant closure. ‘Fragments’ tells about inevitable partings, confrontations with one’s own blunders, and the urge of running away from the suffocating city life and the feeling of estrangement. Frankly, ‘Fragments’ have nothing new to say; it rather tells of the same battles we all struggle, with a genuine poetry, in hopes of echoing through other people’s own realities.

If Let It Flow will be able to produce the album that was promised, or ‘Fragments’ will be a sweet closure, it is yet unknown to us. However, we genuinely hope that we can reach out and touch to the hearts and minds of our listeners with these new songs, and render them truly meaningful, once again like our previous releases.

With love,
Let It Flow


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